So long, Savannah, and a new entrepreneurial path

5 minute read , Posted on November 10, 2013, by Carl V. Lewis

Perhaps my favorite Instagram shot ever snapped for the @savannahnow Instagram account, which we grew to nearly 2,000 followers in a year’s time.

This week, I put in my two weeks’ notice at Savannah’s Morning News Media and our parent company, Morris Publishing Group, to move back after the holiday to New York City to join an up-and-coming NYC-based startup.

In my year-and-a-half at the helm of the SMN’s digital content and product development strategies, including launching, I learned invaluable management skills, conflict resolution and the courage to push fearlessly for innovation, even when tradition and red tape got in the way. I also had the pleasure of leading an incredibly talented team of digital journalists, including Janay Kingsberry and Catie Mafera, as well as working underneath media disruption visionaries such as Craig Sims and Steve Yelvington; talented digital marketers such as Stacy Jennings and Jessica Hayman; and tireless sales professionals working around-the-clock to develop new revenue streams for local news, such as Rachel Gardner and Laura Ray Wearren.

But the innovator’s bug has been itching worse and worse lately, pushing me to expand my skill-set and programming abilities at a more rapid pace. While family issues landed me in Savannah originally following the death of my dad in May 2012, my mom and I have had nearly a year-and-a-half to heal, and it’s time for my next chapter. Given NYC’s burgeoning tech/entrepreneurial scene, I finally decided this week to make a leap of faith into the big data startup community, as well as (possibly) explore new ways of building stronger, more informed communities.

I’ll keep you posted.



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